Indian Cricket Team’s Success Rate



Team India had suffered worst defeats in the recent months. It dropped in both ICC Test and One Day International rankings. Some cricket lovers predict that it is the end of India’s era and a new champion will emerge. But these predictions are far from reality when one takes the success rate of this Indian team into account.

Team India was in this type of situations before too. It was on winning spree many times, but suddenly lost tournaments in embarrassing manner. At times, the team feels like it is invincible for the opponents and suddenly it feels very weak. This unpredictable nature of Team India had left many bitter experiences in the past too. But in the recent years, under the captaincy of M.S.Dhoni, Team India is looking more stable than ever.

The winning rate of Team India is quite impressive. It did challenge the main opponents and beat them in their own homelands. It is difficult for any team to beat the opponent in their homeland. But Team India did it with style and established new records.

It went on winning the tough tournaments with Sri Lanka, Australia, England, World Cup, etc in the recent years. Team India did enjoy a monopoly status till it lost the two series with England and Australia in their own homelands. Of course, Team India is back with tremendous victory over England on Indian soil, but still many people think that a champion team should win in any part of the world, not only on their home grounds. Even though India won many memorable tournaments on foreign soils in past, the way they lost the recent series with England and Australia is a concern for many cricket fans.

But mind you that Team India is in this type of nervous situations many times and it has got all the ability to tackle these situations. The win rate and other numbers are also in favor of Team India. Hence we can expect Team India to settle in the champion slot very soon.


“The Mirror” on England’s recent Woes

The UK Mirror Newspaper delves deep into England’s recent woes

‘Public humiliation’: Swann says England have paid for First Test defeatThe off-spinner says the team may not be evolving quick enough after becoming number one in the world
Problems for English cricket
Dismal record: Swann admits England have struggled, but does not know why

Graeme Swann has admitted England got a kick up the ­backside for failing to take the next step as World No.1.

The England off-spinner was in a reflective mood when he conceded the First Test innings defeat to the South ­Africans was an embarrassment. And after reaching the pinnacle of Test cricket he questioned whether he and his team-mates stood still while others were catching them up.

“It’s the old kick up the a**e isn’t it?” admitted Swann. “You can approach everything holistically and be a bit trendy lefty about things, but sometimes a size ten up the ­backside is what you need.

“It was a sort of public humiliation by the end of it, fielding that long and then getting skittled ­afterwards.

“I can’t deny that since we’ve been number one we have a dismal record. Whether that goes hand-in-hand with being number one I don’t really know.

“We’re not doing anything ­differently. Perhaps that’s it, perhaps we’re not evolving quickly enough.”

Team India’s Future- Part 2

Besides Dhoni, all the young hearts in the team are extremely talented and courageous to perform in any part of the world. Players like Virat Kohli have already proved their mettle and this is another good sign for Team India that the future is quite bright.

Last but not least, Sachin Tendulkar is still in the team and he may play till the next World Cup. He is intelligent and his presence can make a lot of difference. His vast experience can be of immense help in tight situations and youngsters can always learn from him. His presence still makes the opponent nervous and this helps in winning over the opponent psychologically.

All these points clearly indicate that Team India’s future is intact even after the recent debacles.  This is certainly good news for Indian fans to cheer up.

Team India’s future- Part One

After winning the 2011 World Cup and posting memorable victories in test cricket, India was thought to be the new leader in cricket world. But, after one year, many cricket pundits are in a view that Team India should be subjected to various changes to put up serious fights in the international matches. Indian fans are little worried about these proceedings, but our predictions based on the real data can bring smiles on Team India’s aficionados.

Though Team India had suffered with humiliating defeats in the hands of England and Australia, there is enough strength in the team to regain its lost spot. The charismatic captain, M.S.Dhoni, lost his image due to the two humiliating tournaments. There are many people supporting the idea of sacking him as the captain. But mind you that he is not the type of person who bows down and leaves the battle field. He has got all the courage and talent to get the things pretty back into control.

Team India – A Revolution in Cricket History. Part Two

India lost the succeeding World Cups and Australia emerged as a new champion during 1990 to 2000. There was no stopping to Australia’s victories and it soon became a tough challenge to other teams. During this period, young talents like Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman, etc entered Team India.  Due to their contributions, Team India had offered tough resistance to Australia and the matches between these two countries were a feast to cricket fans.

After several ups and downs, under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Team India won the first ever 20-20 World Cup in 2007 and 2011 World Cup. Team India had posted tremendous victories and many people are having an opinion that this is the era of Team India in international cricket.

India had started playing international cricket in last position and it ended up with first position now. The young blood in Indian team can contribute a majority in Team India’s victories in the future too. Emergence of India as the number one team in cricket is an inspiration to Indian fans and cricket lovers throughout the world. Be prepared to watch many more thrilling matches from Team India.

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Team India – A Revolution in Cricket History. Part One

Team India is a pool of stars and talented players. These cricketers enjoy stardom and there are many fans throughout the world. But to reach this position, Team India had undergone various struggles and its road to success is an inspiration for every youngster.

Back to 1932, India entered the International Cricket as an underdog. Though cricket was introduced in 18th century in India by the British travelers, it got the chance to play its first test match against England in 1932 only. In the presence of professional teams like England, West Indies, etc, Team India did suffer many humiliating defeats.

In 1970, after the entry of Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, etc, Team India went through many changes. Players like Erapalli Prasanna and Bishan Singh Bedi became a challenge to other professional players with their amazing spin abilities. India was beginning to give serious fights by this time.

In 1983, under the captaincy of Kapil Dev, Team India won the World Cup by defeating the almighty West Indies. This was a record then, as many people didn’t expect an underdog to beat West Indies and grab the World title. Team India put an end to West Indies era in cricket, but it failed to become the number one.