Indian Cricket Team’s Success Rate



Team India had suffered worst defeats in the recent months. It dropped in both ICC Test and One Day International rankings. Some cricket lovers predict that it is the end of India’s era and a new champion will emerge. But these predictions are far from reality when one takes the success rate of this Indian team into account.

Team India was in this type of situations before too. It was on winning spree many times, but suddenly lost tournaments in embarrassing manner. At times, the team feels like it is invincible for the opponents and suddenly it feels very weak. This unpredictable nature of Team India had left many bitter experiences in the past too. But in the recent years, under the captaincy of M.S.Dhoni, Team India is looking more stable than ever.

The winning rate of Team India is quite impressive. It did challenge the main opponents and beat them in their own homelands. It is difficult for any team to beat the opponent in their homeland. But Team India did it with style and established new records.

It went on winning the tough tournaments with Sri Lanka, Australia, England, World Cup, etc in the recent years. Team India did enjoy a monopoly status till it lost the two series with England and Australia in their own homelands. Of course, Team India is back with tremendous victory over England on Indian soil, but still many people think that a champion team should win in any part of the world, not only on their home grounds. Even though India won many memorable tournaments on foreign soils in past, the way they lost the recent series with England and Australia is a concern for many cricket fans.

But mind you that Team India is in this type of nervous situations many times and it has got all the ability to tackle these situations. The win rate and other numbers are also in favor of Team India. Hence we can expect Team India to settle in the champion slot very soon.